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 Points as of August 26th

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PostSubject: Points as of August 26th   Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:10 am

Alright, since I lack the spreadsheets, I'm just going to type out this whole this. Sorry I'm late on this, I've been poking the old man for the spreadsheets, but he keeps forgetting. >.>

Also, thanks to Pud, I now have attendance data for three of the four runs that Q was unable to update, July 8th, 18th and the 22nd. There seem to be attendance issues with the 8th, too few people, but I won't address that until the roster itself is actually updated so you can see for yourselves. To be fair, since I don't know who came late or left early, everyone who attended those runs will receive two points.

Black Mage
Pud 68
Aaroca 56
Georgio 49.5
Zorto 34
Enin 23.5
Tycye 7

Blue Mage
Elabe 33.5
Cartman 32
Kerr 14
Arnost 8

Kites 12

Hunnymonster 22

Stridder 38

Archades 92
Terrythehut 50
Hammerhand 16
Jacknapier 15
Mrkev 7

Souvrin 58
Berond 40.5
Hexie 40
Silenthope 6
Motarrisu 4

Silveria 12
Contuar 8

Red Mage
Liamis 71
Xomegaweapon 46
Kyi 42
Bigbill 8

Sador 10

Ragnarokathon 64
Nekomusume 25.5
Zebb 18

Jthetwisted 26
Bushwhacker 12

Quetzal(Madenhevn) 108
Hachibi 30
Melquin 22
Silentassassin 18

Debodopimp 74
Zazknight 70
Khuga 43.5
Sem 39.5

White Mage
Gardei 57.5
Laisha 34
Frozenpurity 0

People who don't have lots (so far as I know)
Heavenlyblade 15.5
Kaohu 11
If they have declared lots to someone, or somewhere, please tell me.

Also, for those of you who have gotten 5/5 recently, please remember to change your main lots...or make sure I know in the first place.
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PostSubject: Re: Points as of August 26th   Wed Sep 02, 2009 6:06 pm

aloha laisha my declared lots are sam main lot and blm sublot for now thank you very much
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Points as of August 26th
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