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 Birdmann's Application

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PostSubject: Birdmann's Application   Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:29 pm

Hello everyone,

I have talked to Zorto ingame today and gotten my pearl to the LS, I make the application of formal reasons.

Ingame Name: Birdmann

City Nation.: Sand'Oria Rank 10

Jobs: Warrior 75 ~ Thief 73 ~ DRK 64, working on thf to 75 as first prior. I will use warrior for dynaims runs unless asked to come THF when it gets 75.

Subjobs on 37 or above.: nin, sam, drk, rdm, rng, thf, blm, pld

Craftings.: Main craft Bonecrafting 100+2, Subcraftings.: LC & AL booth 60, and a goldsmithing 55 on the side. Have a AL mule 80+ I can assist help if anyone should needed, just bring me all materials for the item needed.

I have done alot of dynamis runs and know what to do and what things I need to bring etc..
I have cleared all dynamis zones accept dynamis valkurm. I also have dynamis bhuj stage 3.

Gear for warrior, Just to mention a few items I use on war.:
Optical Hat
Byakko's Haidate
Askar Feet
Warrior's Mufflers
Chivalrous Chain
Warwolf belt
Swift belt
Hecatombe set (missing legs)
Warrior's Stone
Byakko's Axe
Dynamis Bhuj (Stage 3)
Brutal earring

Merits for warrior:
HP 3
MP 2
Emnity Increase 4
Critical Hit 4
Great Axe skill 8
Axe Skill 5
Double attack rate 5
Warrior's Charge 3

My wishlist for Birdmann are as follow:

#1 Assassin's armlets THF (Hands)
#2 Assassin's culottes THF (Legs)
#3 Assassin's Poulaines THF (Feet)
#4 Assassin's Vest THF (Body)

# (P.S. I don't have a sub lot only interest is THF until I level a new 75 job)


I'm now 75 THF and getting safe XP, when this is done I will finish off the last WHM levels and then go on RDM 53 and level this as next 75 job.

Tank you!
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Birdmann's Application
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