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 Socs Upgrading Relic Katana

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PostSubject: Socs Upgrading Relic Katana   Fri Feb 05, 2010 1:38 pm

I'm already on the Stage 2 katana at this time> The current relic weapon upgrades was done on my own through the years ...I am in serious of need of only 2 more items > The Attestaion of Legarity & Demonic Fragment.

My next Stage upgrade requires:

1X Mimizuku I have all 4 these ready
1X Wakizashi
1X kabutowari
1X Sakurafubuki

Requires 16 X Lungo-Nango Jadeshells
I have 6 - L. Jadeshells saved at this time and
48 > T. Whites working on 7 th.
* I'm currently needing 12 more L. Jadeshells and then would be able to upgrade my kantana weapon *
100 T. whites per 1 - L. Jadeshell

I am very close to Stage 4 as of Mar 27,2010
4rd stage:
1X Rogetsu
1X Attestation of Legerity < Need this pc >
Plus 61 X Montiont Silverpieces < Need 61 >

1X Yoshimitsu
1x Demonic Fragment < Need this pc>
1X Necropsyche < I already have this pc>
plus 10,000 Byne bills

WOW there was "Only" 1 relic weapon post about Stridders weapon when I posted here now suddenly theres like 10.......And another upgrade for another similar weapon seems to be decided on.

*Close to being able to sponsor some runs for the needed T.Whites / Silver Mont. pc's for Ninja Relic weapon*

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Socs Upgrading Relic Katana
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