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 Debodopimp Mandau's Progress

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PostSubject: Debodopimp Mandau's Progress   Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:03 am

Currently upgrading Mandau (Dagger) Relic weapon

As 3/12/2009
Received from UBH (2 sponsorships + discounted currency)
- 1-Byne Bill
- T. Shells
- O. Bronzepieces

Stage 1
O Relic Dagger

Stage 2
O Malefic Dagger

O Relic Dagger
O Cantarella
O Orichalcum Ingot
O Deodorizer
O 4 100-Byne Bill (400 bynes out of 400 required)

Stage 3
X Dynamis Dagger

O Malefic Dagger
O Brass Dagger
X Poison Dagger
X Misericorde
X 14 M. Silverpiece (1004 out of 1400 required)-Q owes 78 bronze

Stage 4
X Batardeau

X Dynamis Dagger
X Attestation of Celerity
X 61 L. Jadeshell (xx out of 6100 required)

Stage 5
X Mandau

X Batardeau
X Necropsyche
X Ornate Fragment
X 10,000 Byne Bill x1 (xx out of 10,000 required)
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Debodopimp Mandau's Progress
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