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 UnbornHeroz for Dummies - General Rules and Attendance Rules

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PostSubject: UnbornHeroz for Dummies - General Rules and Attendance Rules   Sun May 23, 2010 2:50 am

General Rules (Last Updated 5/26/2010)

  1. First and most importantly: All sackholder/shellholder decisions are absolute and final.
  2. Second, do not try to govern the shell or give out orders if you aren't a sackholder. If you wish to discuss a matter, you may do so after a run is complete, but during a run do not attempt to give orders out.
  3. Third, sit back, relax, and remember this is an online game and that you're playing with other people. We try our best to keep this shell a drama-free environment. Do not have a hissy fit because you got outlotted on an item. Do not cause arguments or unecessary drama. Treat everyone with respect, and there should be no problems.
  4. No joke lotting. Unless told to by a sackholder, you are not allowed to lot any item during the run except relic weapons. Lotting rights are detailed here.
  5. If you "need" a raise other than Raise I, be prepared to bring your own form of reraise. There are times where you should be expected to take a Raise I. If this should happen, do not dispute the raise, and do not cancel the raise and demand a better one. Then you're just wasting everyone's time and MP.
  6. If you have an issue/debate that you would like to raise, please refrain from doing so until after a run is completed, and do so publically in Linkshell chat. This is to promote open discussion between all members of the linkshell so that if a problem exists, all members may know about it, discuss it, and solve it together.


Not everyone can attend every run for the shell. We do not expect you to be able to attend every run, nor will we punish you for being unable to attend every run. Many of the members of this shell are only able to attend one of two runs we schedule per week, if that. However there are some perks to attending which are described below: Points for Lotting Privledges, and Paychecks.

  1. For each full session you attend you receive two points to both Member Seniority and Main Seniority. Both point totals are important to lotting rights, and the more you attend, the more you can guarantee that you'll be able to lot for the items both point totals allow. For those only able to attend a partial session (because they are late, have to leave early, or are afk for a large portion of the run without informing the linkshell beforehand) it is possible for you to only receive partial points for a run.
  2. You are on a trial membership until you have earned at least four points (ie attended two sessions). Trial members are only allowed to lot on a lower lotting tier until they become full fledged members.
  3. Every month members are awarded a monthly paycheck. The amount given out to you for your paycheck is directly related to your attendance for a given month.
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UnbornHeroz for Dummies - General Rules and Attendance Rules
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