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 Joining UBH Dynamis

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PostSubject: Joining UBH Dynamis   Sun May 23, 2010 3:09 am

About UnbornHeroz (Last Updated 5/29/2010)

UnbornHeroz is an NA/EU based Dynamis linkshell in the FFXI Lakshmi Server, founded around February 2009 with over 40 members in roster. We run Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3:00PM EST (8 PM GMT).

Joining UnbornHeroz

So you want to join the Dynamis shell? Run in, kill mobs, obtain loot, etc. But you don't know where to begin?

1. First you actually have to obtain a pearl. Contacting a sackholder is the quickest means of obtaining a pearl to the shell.

Current Sackholders:
  • Quetzal (Leader)
  • Stridder
  • Madenhevn
  • Archades

2. You'll have to make an application post on the application forum for the shell in the applications section. Sign up for the forums and make a post including the following:
  1. Character Name, Rank, and City
  2. A List of your Level 75 Jobs
  3. Your Main Lot Preference
  4. Your Sub Lot Preference
  5. Your Wish List Preference
  6. Any previous Dynamis Shells
  7. Progress through the game missions
  8. And progress through the various dynamis zones.
  9. Any references from other members in UBH.

Main Lot - Your main lot job should be a level 70+ job that you have gear for and you are willing to bring to Dynamis if asked. Your decision on your main lot determines the job you have the highest priority lotting for.*

Sub Lot - Your secondary lot job. Must be level 65+. Sub lot has a lower priority than main lot.

Wish List - Wish List applies to Chains of Promathia Dynamis (Dreamlands) Items only. Choose three items that are exclusive to the Dreamlands Dynamis (Buburimu-Qufim-Valkum-Tavnazia) zones that you would like to obtain. CoP Specific items are -1 items, relic acceossories, or the special kinds of armor, such as the hydra gear. Remember, only put the top three items you want from the available choices on your wishlist: once you obtain every item on your wishlist, it's done forever.

*Note: The number of available slots available to a main lot for each job is limited to six positions who need a full or partial set of relic, and two for those who need only the CoP accessory. Your application may or may not be accepted, or be requested to be modified, based on the number of available slots for the requested main lot.

If you would like an example on how to post this information, you can refer to this link:
UBH sample application - Copy and Paste with your Info Please

3. You'll have to read over the rules for the linkshell. Since you're here and you've managed to reach this part I'm going to assume you're capable of finishing this. You can find the rules for the linkshell and lotting rules at these links:
UnbornHeroz for Dummies - General Rules and Attendance Rules
UnbornHeroz for Dummies - Lotting System

After all of that is complete, you'll be put on Trial Membership status for no more than 2 runs and allowed to participate with UnbornHeroz dynamis. Welcome to UnbornHeroz, and we hope you enjoy your stay!
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Joining UBH Dynamis
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